Saturday, September 18, 2010

Break on through to the other side

Weigh in day! I tried to tell myself as I stepped on the scale that it is just a number, and I am more than a number, and I would be ok if I did not break the 200 mark this morning. Most of the week I felt pretty confident, but this morning I was not - I'm a week out from that lovely time of month that brings bloating and cravings, so I was really preparing myself to accept that I had a little more work to do....

It wasn't necessary!!!


Two pounds gone this week, whoo hoo! When I entered it into my LoseIt! app, my weekly calorie allowance dropped a bit - now I have 1325 per week, so I can tell I am going to have to start getting a little more creative and try not to worry myself too much about all the holidays coming up!

Everyone is still sleeping so I am going to get in my aerobics workout before the craziness of the day starts. I'll be back later because now that I'm blogging, I have a tornado of thoughts spinning in my head, so you can look forward to a big "brain dump" post at some point this weekend - aren't you lucky!!!

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