Thursday, September 16, 2010

Float away, float away, float away

I have really been concentrating on getting my water in every day. I aim for a minimum of 64 ounces. Trying to be all eco-conscious, I went out and got myself a stainless 750ml water bottle, but I left it at home one day and grabbed a 700ml water bottle instead (otherwise it's the little styrofoam coffee cup, and I guess I get tired of filling it because I never get my water in using one). Here is what I learned...I do so much better when I can see my water - it is very motivating to me to see how much I have left so I can finish it up and get more! I will keep my stainless bottle for the car, but at work I will use bottled (I refill the same one for a few days and then recycle them, so I feel a little less guilty!!).

Since I've figured this out, I have been sucking down the water, which has lead to - you guessed it - much more frequent bathroom breaks. It's almost embarrassing how many times I go to the bathroom in a day. This morning I had finished 2 bottles by lunchtime, and had made at least 6 trips to the ladies'. It's worse than when I was pregnant! However, I know that the small amount of embarrassment I feel is more than overshadowed by the benefits of getting those ounces in.

Maybe my body will adjust over time? I've never been a big fan of water (remember my 3-Dew-a-day habit?), and I've never really consistently kept drinking enough to know if eventually I will stop having to pee every 15 minutes! Guess I will just keep sloshing my way to and from the loo for now.

Today was my first full day on my lower calorie "allowance" and I did fine. If anyone had told me a month ago that I could not only get through the day on 1340 calories, but do it without feeling hungry or deprived, I would have pinched myself to make sure I was not asleep. I am totally encouraged by my day, but I am also not going to stress if I have a day or two a week where I go over that. When I used to do WW, I was always most successful when I stayed at the lower end of my point range most days and allowed myself to hit the high end or use bonus points one or two days a week. It helped to allow myself to splurge a bit now and then and still know I was on track, so that is my attitude now. We'll see how it works! One thing I do need to work on, though, is eating more protein - I am definitely a carb addict!

Unfortunately, I did not get up in time to do my aerobics this morning, and tonight was J's open house at school, so I will count today as my rest day for the week. Tomorrow after work I get to run, and I hope I have another good one! On Sundays I always run in the morning, and anyone who knows me might fall over when I say this, but I wish I could always run in the morning. I have always been a night owl and I'm sure my mom has fond memories of trying to drag my butt out of bed for school, but now I really enjoy getting up early and starting my day before the rest of the household is awake (now I am the one dragging butts out of bed and I know my mom is having a laugh about that!).

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, it's been one crazy busy week. Does life ever settle down?

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