Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, week 6 of C25k! I made it through my 20 minute run this morning. The last 5 minutes was the hardest, but the first 15 were totally manageable. Last night I took the spastic 80 pound puppy for a walk around the lake where my 5k is, and I think I am going to start doing my Sunday morning runs there - it is paved and a lot hillier than where I run, so I want to get myself used to it before race day. Internet, I gotta say, I am damn proud of myself!

Good bye, Mountain Dew, my guilty pleasure. I no longer wish to waste my precious calorie allowance indulging in you once a week. I'm sure we will meet again under better circumstances, but for now you have been demoted to the status of a distant relative, who I only visit once in a great while. I will always remember with fondness your sweet, high-fructose corn syrupy goodness, but not the pounds you put on my ass.

Hello, cute little top that I wore to church this morning! I haven't seen you since January 2007. I've missed you! I'm glad you were able to be freshened up with a good dose of bleach after hanging in the dusty recesses of my closet for so long.

Good bye, size 18 pants. We had a good thing while it lasted. I tried to keep you around as long as possible, but even with a belt, you were just not flattering to my butt any more. In all honesty, I am not sorry to see you go and I hope I never, ever see you again.

Hello, stretch marks. I don't think you are going anywhere any time soon, but you are a reminder of the three times I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy and another beautiful daughter. I cherish those times and will do my best to love and accept you as part of my history written on my body.

Good bye, diet soda. I tried to ignore all the ugly "rumors" I heard about your artificial sweeteners, but I can no longer live with my head in the sand. I've claimed my power back from my frenemy, denial, and you are no longer welcome here. I am going to miss your fizziness, but not your aftertaste, and I will be starting a relationship with your healthier cousin selzer water with lemon or berries.

Hello, willingness to try new things and force them on my children! I went to Whole Foods yesterday and blew my entire grocery budget on healthy eats. I will share those with you tomorrow, internet, but now it is time for me to get to bed. 5am comes early around these parts!


  1. Hello. I see you are new to HYC. I know you will find all the encouragement, support and inspiration you need with this weight loss community.


  2. Welcome to the HYC and best of luck to you with your weight loss goals! :)