Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hodge Podge

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI see that I was introduced over at Scale Junkie today - most of you finding me seem to be coming from there. Welcome, fellow challengers (challengees?). Please leave a comment for me so I can visit you, too! I'm having so much fun reading other blogs - I need to get a better system of organization in place, because I am getting so many great ideas - I just keep bookmarking random things, and I know I will never find them again when I want them! Not to mention the inspiration & motivation I'm getting. It is wonderful to be part of a community of people with the same goals and facing the same struggles as me, and it totally keeps me on track! My spastic 80 pound puppy sat on my laptop yesterday, so now I have to sit at my uncomfortable desk in my room, with no tv, instead of kicking back on the couch catching up on my DVR while I surf, but I am trying to get around to all of you, and I will be sure to say hey when I'm there!

The past few days have been super busy, so this will be a bit of a hodge podge post with lots of random thoughts. Ever see the Harry Potter movie where Dumbledore pulls the threads of thoughts and memories from his head? Well, that's what I feel like right now...I will do my best to pull them each out in one piece so I make at least a bit of sense, but I am a little ADD so try and keep up, k?

Whole Foods Haul

I mentioned that I went to Whole Foods over the weekend. I love that store. I could spend a month of paychecks in that store! And, I made the mistake of going before I had lunch, which made it really, really hard to stick to my budget (which wasn't too big since I had already done most of my grocery shopping already)! Here's my haul...

I got some old favorites, but also stepped way outside my comfort zone to try some completely new things. I got:

  • baby spinach & baby greens (for summer salad with strawberries, walnuts, feta cheese - yum!); 
  • frozen haricot verts, my very favorite green beans ever; 
  • swordfish steak (I am so not a seafood eater, unless it's Maryland crabs or steamed spiced shrimp, but I have had this at a restaurant in the past, so I thought I'd try it - just need to figure out how to prepare it); 
  • frozen sliced red, yellow & green peppers (for fritata this weekend); 
  • garlic hummus (my favorite is horseradish, but the brand I used to buy at Whole Foods discontinued it, so a trip to Trader Joe's is planned very soon); 
  • natural peanut butter; 
  • tzatziki (very good with baby carrots, I discovered); 
  • Chia seeds (read about these on Prior Fat Girl and just had to try them); 
  • Clif bars (mostly for my daughter for marching band snack, but I got one for me and yum! so I stole one of hers this morning, must go get more - they are only .99 at WF!); 
  • quinoa - I already have several recipes to try; 
  • asparagus; 
  • some chocolate milk for the kiddos; 
  • an heirloom tomato and a regular tomato;
  • frozen brussel sprouts (that sound you just heard was my mom falling out of her chair). 

Not pictured, Amy's veggie burgers, which I cannot wait to try, and Greek salad from the salad bar, which I had for lunch yesterday - very good!

Library Day

I also went to the library on Saturday. I love to read, but don't have a lot of time for it these days. I spent most of my time in the "health & fitness" digits and got several books, including Skinny Bitch, In Defense of Food, and Fit for Life for Women. As I get through them I will share what I thought and learned!

Best. Workout. Ever.

As I mentioned, I completed my third run of week five on Sunday morning, which was running 20 minutes without stopping, and it was totally awesome! That was a pretty good workout, but I did not stop there. You see, now that my lawn has pretty much stopped growing, I can't burn those calories every weekend any more, so I had to come up with another way, and I had the perfect project. With the help of a few underage volunteers (my kids plus two of their friends who wanted to help!), I went from this...

To this!

There was probably between 300 and 350 square feet of flagstone that we moved, and my arms and legs are still feeling it. I'm redoing my patio, so the idea was to clear this out and sell it on Craigslist, but it was such a good workout, I may just keep it and move it back and forth every once in awhile! Who needs a gym?!

After all that was hauled out, I got busy trimming my seriously overgrown bushes with an electric hedge trimmer I borrowed from my neighbor - totally my new favorite tool, and that was a real workout, too. By the end of the day, I could barely lift my arms. It was actually a really good feeling, and totally makes me want to join a gym (my neighbors might start to wonder just what kind of crazy lady they are living next to if I did start hauling that stone back and forth!).

Ok, I still have a lot to say...have you gotten that about me, yet? I'm a little wordy. I wonder how many calories typing burns??? Anyway, I have a laundry list of things to accomplish today aside from updating you on my exciting comings and goings, so I am going to go get started on that. I have yet to set any really concrete goals for myself, but I will be mulling that over in my head today and post my thoughts tonight! Enjoy your day, and don't forget to smile!

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