Friday, September 17, 2010

My mind is amazing (and so is yours!)

I just finished my run and Nan really kicked my butt tonight! It did not help that it was so humid it felt more like swimming at times (sidebar with Mother Nature: hey, Earth Mama, it may have escaped your notice, but fall officially starts in t-minus 4 days, so if you could get on the ball and dispense with this summer weather, it would be much appreciated - thanks!). Running after work is always harder than my Sunday morning run because I am worn out from a long day of kids and work, but tonight I went out thinking, "feet (and legs, and heart, and lungs) don't fail me now you will NOT fail me now!" And they didn't. There was a little bit of shuffling and gasping, but I pushed through and finished pretty strong with a big smile on my face - ah, the sweet smell of sweat success.

In my introduction, I talked about how at my heaviest, my weight colored every aspect of my life. And now, the confidence I have gained from getting halfway through C25K and my shrinking body is bleeding into other areas of my life, as well. I carry myself a little taller, have more of a bounce to my step, and feel more confident in my interactions with others. Even though I may still be, I don't always feel like the fattest Mama in the room any more.

Well, I just had to get that off my chest, but now I am going to go jump in the shower - I wasn't kidding about the humidity, and I will find out tomorrow if I melted any extra poundage off! Then I am off to watch a movie with friends, armed with a big bottle of water and a bag of plain popcorn. Hope you are enjoying your TGIF, too!

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