Thursday, October 7, 2010

The brain, it is fried

I can't wait for the weekend. The past few weekends have just been crazy busy, between J playing in the football games on Friday nights and competitions on Saturday, and the endless taxi-ing everyone around, but this weekend she has NEITHER. Which means it is also a weekend off for me, which I sorely need, because my brain is seriously fried. To wit:

On Saturday afternoon while taking the 80 pound spastic puppy on a nice, long walk with E and a friend, I got a call saying I had missed an important appointment - one that I had not only remembered earlier that morning, but had been looking forward to all week. One unexpected little kink in my plans that morning had thrown my whole day off. (Luckily I was able to reschedule for later in the day.)

On Saturday night when I went to pick J up from her competition, I ran out of gas. (Thank God for my friend H, who not only answered her phone at 11:45 at night, but got out of bed to go buy a gas can and gas and came to rescue me in her jammies.)

Yesterday I drove home from work squinting blindly into the sun, cursing myself for leaving my sunglasses on my desk. This morning when I got to work, I found them - they were in my bag the whole time.

Last night when I went to pick J up from practice, I ran out of gas. (Thank God for my friends J & L who came to my rescue this time- I was too embarrassed to call H again!)

This morning I put my contacts in the wrong eyes and walked around wondering what was wrong with me for 30 minutes before figuring out that I have apparently forgotten how to tell my left from my right.

I've lost and started over my to do list three times.

So, I am really REALLY looking forward to this weekend. I am going to run right after work on Friday, then have a nice, laid back dinner, and maybe catch up on some of my DVR'd tv shows (note to self: get more plain popcorn). Saturday morning I am going to sleep in! E has a soccer game at 10:00 a.m. and then I am packing up the girls and the 80 pound spastic puppy and a picnic and hitting the road to go hiking at a state park about an hour away. Sunday morning I'll run nice and early (may need to get some long pants, though, fall is officially here and mornings are crisp!), then church, and then I plan to mow my lawn. I should have done it last weekend but did not have time. There will be some major calorie burnin' going on!

Speaking of which...last night was my first week eight run: 28 minutes without stopping. I ran 2.2 miles in those 28 minutes, so I have some work to do if I want to finish my 5k in 35 minutes or less. I am feeling confident, or was, until I woke up this morning with aching shins AND an aching hip. I was hoping that old problem would not rear it's ugly head. Tell me, runners, is my body going to adjust? I found a new place to run and have gone the past few times - it is a great trail with some good hills, but it is asphalt and my poor joints are used to a softer surface. Am I going to keep aching? Am I going to have to take a break (nooooo)? Or will I eventually get used to it (the surface, not the aching!).

Tomorrow morning will be weigh-in day this week. I have my annual physical so I guess I will be getting an "official" weight. I will weigh myself on my scale before I go, just to see if there is a difference - gosh, I sure hope my scale is not wrong, I like what it's been telling me lately!

Well, I have to go start another to do list...maybe this one will stick around long enough to get a few things crossed off and maybe, if I'm lucky, I will remember what was on the lost ones! Coming soon, I will share some of my new favorite foods and a few new challenges I have set for myself. Stay tuned...same bat fat time, same bat fat channel!

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