Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Boy, the weekend just flew by, as they always do! They are never long enough. This was a good weekend, though, since I was "off" - J had no game or competition so the only chauffering I had to do was to E's soccer game on Saturday morning. It was still a busy, hectic weekend with lots of running around and not so much house cleaning, but we packed in a lot of fun.

Friday Funk

I had my annual check up first thing Friday morning, so I got up and weighed myself to compare to the scale at the doctor's office. My scale said 190, up a bit from last weekend. I tried not to be too upset - I knew that I was going to have some off weeks, and I did lose nearly 6 pounds the week before. The doctor's scale said 191, but I was fully dressed so that didn't worry me too much. I had gone in the week before to have my blood drawn, so she had all my results and said everything was great except my Vitamin D level, so now I am taking a Vitamin D supplement (lemon gummies, better than swallowing yet another pill). She was impressed with my progress, and it's the first time in years I've gone to the doctor and not gotten the stern "you really need to lose weight" lecture. In fact, I didn't even get a physical last year because I just couldn't hear that again.

I also got my flu and tetanus shots, and it was only afterward that I wondered how it was going to affect my run that evening. Most of the day I was just plain wiped out, so much so that after work I had to lay down and take a short nap. I hate to do that because usually it means I am worthless afterward - any get up and go that I might have had left usually gets up and goes after a nap. But I got up, laced up my shoes, and headed to the trail. I was not expecting to have a good run (Week 8, Day 2!).

I definitely struggled, but I made it (I may have brought out the granny shuffle a few times), and when it was over I discovered I hadn't done any worse than I had on Wednesday - just under 2.2 miles in 28 minutes. It just continues to amaze me what our minds and bodies are capable of. When I got home, I grabbed something to eat - don't even remember what - and crashed on the couch by 8 pm. My body obviously needed rest...I didn't argue!

Saturday Hike - Living a Dream

After E's soccer game, I loaded up her, J, and the spastic 80 pound puppy (C decided she would rather go to the mall), and we drove about 40 miles to a state park. We hiked for 3 hours - it was warmer than I had expected, but it was awesome. The spastic 80 pound puppy (picture to come) is an 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. I got my first Ridgeback almost 18 years ago, when I was young and single and kid-free, and he was my best friend and sidekick. I lost him to cancer 6 years ago this month. It wasn't until last year that I felt ready to let another one into my life and my heart, and this past March I got a new little man from the same breeder. For six long years, I have dreamed of hiking with my kids and a big red dog, so on Saturday I truly got to live my dream. Life is good!

Oh yeah, and I also weighed in on Saturday (didn't like Friday's results and thought I should be consistent with Saturday weigh-ins!). 189.2 - loss for the week of .4 pounds. I am ok with that, or trying to be. Rethinking the daily calorie adjustment a little, but I will wait it out another week and see what happens.

Saturday night we went to a friend's to watch a movie, and I passed up an entire array of amazing desserts (tiramisu, mascarpone, eclairs) in favor of 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt for 100 calories. Actually, I did take one small bite of tiramisu and licked the spoon for about 5 minutes afterward, but I was very good. Yay me! Temptation is my bitch!

Sunday Run and a Big Red Horse

Sunday morning I went for my run. I was feeling a whole lot better than Friday, for sure! I always love my Sunday morning runs because I have a lot more time, and it's nice and cool these days (soon it will be downright cold). I had a great run - went to the trail again because my hips have been bothering me so I didn't want to run on the asphalt again quite yet (anyone have any advice for aching hips??). I ran 2.25 miles in my 28 minutes, then walked back for a total of just under an hour. Next week is my last week of C25k!!! I can't believe I've been running for 8 weeks already.

After my run, we went to church and then I took the kids to see the movie "Secretariat". I had horses in high school and am still pretty horse crazy (would so love to start riding again and, in fact, that was one of my original motivations for losing weight). It was a GREAT movie, an amazing story, and I found myself appreciating the athleticism of the horses even more now that I'm running - I can't imagine all out sprinting for even a few yards! Unfortunately I indulged in a little too much movie candy. If only E had gotten something nasty like Sour Patch Kids instead of Good 'n Plenty, which turns out she hates and I, of course, love. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, today is another day and I am back on track.

Tomorrow is going to be a very stressful day. I'm hoping for good things but not overly optimistic. Right now I am concentrating on not getting off track with my eating. I know God does not give us more than we can handle, but right now He does seem to have given more than I can handle well. So please wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed that things will work out for the best.

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