Friday, November 5, 2010

It's all good...

Sorry I have been AWOL for a few weeks - it's been a rough month. Lots going on. The girls and I have been fighting fall colds - nothing as serious as last year's swine flu, but we all just have these sort of low-grade, lingering bugs. I would like to think that my exercise and healthier eating have lessened the impact of the fall funk - usually I end up in bed for a week with something nasty, but this year I was still functional.
The last week was emotionally tough because I thought that I might have a stress fracture. What I passed off as shin splints for probably too long started to freak me out the longer the pain lasted and the closer I got to my race, so I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedist. Good news is - no fracture! I went 5 days without running before the appointment, and boy, was that tough! Talk about withdrawal. The bad news is, when I finally got to run on Wednesday, I ended up with some very achy hips, so I definitely need to start doing some stretching or yoga. This old body is NOT going to let me down when I have such lofty goals!
Speaking of withdraw...I quit smoking yesterday. Yes, I have been a pack a day smoker for a lot of years, and quitting has always been on my mind, but certainly more so since I've been exercising. I felt like such a hypocrite, lighting up after a run! But, the last time I quit (February 7, 2007), I ended up gaining over 50 pounds, and I was terrified of a repeat. I wanted to get some good habits in place before attempting to quit again. So, I've been just over 24 hours without a cigarette, and doing ok - the biggest problem is that my body apparently does not know how to function without any stimulants and I can barely keep my eyes open!

In order to make sure that I don't backslide on my weight loss after The Big Quit, I decided to join a gym! I figured that a gym membership was a good redirection of funds previously spent killing myself slowly! I also signed up to work with a trainer for a month to get me into a program and stay motivated through the most difficult time after quitting (and holidays coming up, what was I thinking!). I have a lot of guilt associated with "treating" myself to these things, both the money and time I'm devoting to my new healthier lifestyle and goals - I feel like it's taking away from time and attention and things that my girls deserve. I know logically that you have to put your own mask on before helping others, but guilt is always my first reaction and sometimes it doesn't help that they, too, are struggling with the changes I'm making. I know it's all for the best in the long run, the example I am setting and the lessons they will (hopefully) learn from my journey.

Now, I'm a little upset about one thing...they have this great little contraption at the gym that records your blood pressure, weight, body fat percentage, blah blah blah. Very nifty, reads higher than my scale at home. Very depressing. Last Saturday I weighed in at 182.4 at home, but last night I registered 187 at the gym. Now granted, I usually weigh first thing in the morning and nakey (of course), and I was at the gym in the evening, fully clothed, with shoes on. I'm not really sure what numbers to use - I guess the most important thing is that there is consistent movement no matter what. 

So, overall, things are going well and I am looking forward to November being a better month than October was. Definitely looking forward to (hopefully) getting my butt kicked at the gym, some positive movement toward goals (I will post my "gym" stats soon) and my race in just over 2 weeks!!!!

Today, I am a runner, a gym member, and former smoker, so yeah - it's all good!!!

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