Monday, November 8, 2010

Sun Salutation!

So my gym (I love the sound of that) offers a "family yoga class" on Sundays at 5:00. I thought it would be a fun way to get the girls involved in exercising, as well as a good introduction to yoga (my mom is on her way to becoming an instructor, but I have never even tried it!). Well, J was out of town this weekend and C decided it was way too uncool to be seen in public doing anything with her mom, but E was game to go with me. Unfortunately, she was so unfocused and distracted that after about 10-15 minutes, she could no longer follow along, and after 30 minutes, we had to leave the class to avoid further disrupting everyone. However, I totally loved it and have added that class to my weekly calendar. Very excited about the next class, when I can concentrate on me and not my chatterbox 7 year old!

Now one thing E does love to do is ride her bike. I had been stressing about my Sunday morning run because C had a slumber party Saturday night and I had to get J to school at 6:30 am to leave for an out of state band competition, so I didn't know how I was going to manage to get my run in with no big sister available to babysit. I had a lightbulb moment while working out on Saturday, though - since I was going to have to wake E up to come with me to drop off J anyway, why not let her ride her bike while I ran? She got a little whiney toward the end (I ran at the lake where my 5k is in less than 2 weeks and my only goal was to make it around the lake), but she was a champ and it is definitely something I can add to my "bag of tricks" to ensure I get my workout in! 

Two good things about the run: first, E held true to form and was a real chatterbox the whole time, forcing me to answer her. Since I always run alone, I have never been able to take the "talk test" while running, so this was a good indication that I was in the right zone; second, since it was quite chilly, I was a little worried since in the past I have been bothered with inner ear pain while trying to exercise in the cold (even light walking). However, I wore one of those earband headbands and was thrilled to find I had no problems with any ear pain, so it looks like I may have no excuse not to hit the trails this winter (brrrrr....). The only thing that hampered the run a bit was that my pants kept threatening to fall off! Could it be time to try a size large instead of extra large? I may need to take some of my quit smoking funds to invest in a new pair before my race, because racing bare-assed would be bad! 

Finally, I weighed in Sunday morning instead of Saturday (truth be told, I had a rather weak moment or several on Friday night and gobbled up a, several...ok, ok, many pieces of Halloween candy and just couldn't face the scale the next day!). I was up a tiny bit - .6 pounds at 183 - but am ok with that considering I had just quit smoking a few days earlier and have really been quite good about resisting the urge to nosh my way through the cravings. Actually, my cravings have not been all that bad at all, it's just the times I would normally go outside and smoke I'm left without anything to do and am trying hard not to turn to food. Or, if I must have a snack, I am trying to make it healthy (plain popcorn, carrots - LOTS of carrots!!!, etc). I will have to accept and forgive myself if I hit a bit of a plateau for awhile, as I know quitting causes lots of changes in your metabolism and your body in general. If I can get through it without GAINING, I will consider it a victory!

Well, now I have the munchies so I am off to make myself some popcorn! Tomorrow night I work out with my new trainer, so I will let you know how that goes - I am so excited!!!!!

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