Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 1 as a FORMER smoker

I quit smoking one week ago today, and I am so thrilled and grateful to be able to say that it's been a breeze! I have not had any cravings at all. I have not gone overboard on eating (though I did have to leave my favorite Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter at work because it was seriously calling my name every evening!). I am so glad that I waited until I had developed good eating and exercise habits before tackling quitting, because now I have something else to concentrate on and motivate me. I am very curious to see what the scale says on Saturday, but trying not to obsess about it too much!

One thing that has really been a help is my new gym membership and my awesome new trainer. Tuesday evening was my first session with him, and we did an upper body workout. My pecs hurt so much on Wednesday morning I could not hold the phone. He should have recorded himself telling me to "hold my core in" to save himself repeating it 500 times - I tried to tell him my core has not seen any action in over 14 years, so it might take awhile to rouse those muscles from their hibernation. And planks? Holy Batmobile, Robin, my whole body was shaking! But it felt SO good. Best part of my week.

Then, THEN, internets, I got my butt out of bed and to the gym at 5AM on Wednesday morning and ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill AND I did not fall off! I am so proud of myself  - I may have mentioned once or twice that I did not used to be a morning person. I even managed to call J from the gym and get her out of bed and to the bus stop, no small accomplishment in itself! I will definitely do that more often - I love getting my workout out of the way in the morning.

Tonight was lower body workout with my trainer. Can you say jelly legs? I will definitely be walking funny tomorrow, but I will love every second of it. This journey has become so much more than just losing weight or getting in shape. My entire life is changing. I am reconnecting with dreams and goals and ambitions long buried. I want to try new things - I want to try everything! I want to breath in life! It has not been without struggle - in placing my new lifestyle at the top of my list of priorities, other things have suffered, and I am still struggling to reorder everything so that I am not dropping so many balls. I know it will take time, but it is still a source of some frustration. Having to wear a belt with my size 14 previous "skinny" jeans makes it a little better, though!

Well, two of the things that have sort of fallen into place for me are earlier to bed and getting back to one of my favorite hobbies - reading. Snuggling under the covers with a good book also helps me avoid food temptation at night, and getting a good night's sleep is a big bonus! I've rediscovered the library and have stacks of books I'm reading on all sorts of things, so I think I will get the kiddos ready for bed and head there myself.

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