Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Weigh-in

I have not been very good about posting my weigh-ins lately because I have not been very good about weighing in. After my race, I gained about a pound an a half, which is not a huge deal, really. My trainer said that some people lose and some people hang on to weight after a race, and I was lucky enough to hang on. Although I did not overindulge over Thanksgiving, I also didn't get a lot of exercise in over the holiday, and I didn't want to depress myself with bad numbers, so I stayed away from the scale that weekend. I have started to think that my scale is smarter than me and I need a new one (now that I've given my "back-up" to a friend!) - it is one that is supposed to measure body fat, though I don't use that feature (*), but I think it holds some kind of memory because the first time I get on it, it always reads the exact same as the last time I got on it, and then I step off and step back on and it changes. Really, I just need a nice, simple Scale for Dummies. 

Actually, I think I am going to start using the stats from the gym, if I can get into the habit of going every Sunday morning. Then I can see my weight and my body fat percentage - although it reads about 5 pounds more than my home scale (evil thing), I will be able to see weekly how I'm getting stronger, not just lighter! The initial change will be hard because it will be frustrating to see numbers I thought I already fought through!

Anyway, that was a fabulous ramble about scales, yes? Now to get to the's weight, on my too-complicated-for-my-brain home scale, is...


I will enjoy being in the 170's for today, until I go to the gym tomorrow and get put back in the mid-180's. I am, however, still going to post my 70 pounds lost badge today, because I've still achieved that goal according to my scale! I really needed this positive weigh-in to re-motivate me, I've been feeling kind of slumpy in my eating lately (but that's another post - I have a date with Jillian right now!).

(*) When I first got the scale I did actually take the time to set it up to read my body fat percentage, but I was so fatty that it would not even register! You can understand why I banished those instructions from my brain!

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