Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Survived!

I can't believe it's 2011. I didn't mean to go AWOL for so long, but I realized after my last post that if I was indeed going to survive the holidays, and by survive I mean keep my sanity...and maintain my weight...I was going to have to cut back to the bare minimum. And I did it! The girls and I had a great Christmas, a nice break from work and school, and a great new year. My weight fluctuated a bit as I enjoyed all the holiday goodies and then hit the gym extra hard, but at my 12/31 weigh-in, my weight was exactly the same as it was when I set my intention to maintain. The downside is that it's taking a bit of effort to transition back to a weight-loss mind set, but I start back to Strike class tonight and start my running group tomorrow, so the motivation is definitely there!

C and I started the new year with a 5k run on New Year's day! This was her first 5k and I was so thrilled that she decided to do it with me. It was a damp and dreary morning and the race was pretty early after a late night ringing in 2011 with friends, so we had no cheering section, but we had an awesome time and it was so much more fun to run with someone than alone! She did great, by the way - our time was only a minute slower than my Turkey Trot time, despite the fact that we did some walking. J & E are even more motivated to do a 5k with me now, so I'm going to make sure it happens. I want to get all my friends and family to do at least one with me!

Santa was very good to me this year - he got me a new heart rate monitor. I haven't set it up yet, but since I am home with some sick kids today, I think I will get it figured out so I can start wearing it to the gym and on my runs. Speaking of runs, I had a great one with the big red dog yesterday evening. It was too late to go to the trail, so I ran around my neighborhood (which, you remember, means HILLS). No knee pain, and the last 6 minutes I still felt strong and fresh, so I turned up the dial and ran faster than I ever have! I can't wait to run on the trail so I can see how far I can maintain a faster pace - when I run in the 'hood, I have no distance markers.

I have a lot of things planned for 2011, but right now I need to run out and get some comfort food for these sick kiddos. Say a little prayer for me that I can stay healthy - I have too many exciting things coming up to get sick!!! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to reaching all your goals in an AWESOME new year!

Today I am grateful for:
  • my new laptop, which means I can hang with the family while surfing!
  • our big snow on Christmas Day
  • my big red dog
  • heirloom tree ornaments
  • used books on

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  1. I also did a 5k on New Years Day!! Congrats on the time and being active in the new year. It sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas, and you will LOVE your HRM. Keep up the awesome work!!