Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ping Pong

So, I really love the start of a new year. It's a new beginning, full of possibilities, and I always jump right in with both feet and a full steam ahead, conquer the world attitude. The problem is, I tend to be a wee bit over-ambitious and fill my proverbial plate to heaping, and then I end up chasing my tail trying to do too much. I'm like a ping pong ball, bouncing back and forth between projects or, more accurately, like a super ball let loose in a rubber room. Constantly "pinging." I do this every year, and every year it takes me a few weeks to get back to some semblance of balance, and you'd think I'd learn, but I never do. I think this year was particularly bad because having so much success with my weight loss made me want to do and be and try so much and I got so super excited I wanted to do and be and try it all NOW NOW NOW. And then my head popped off and went spinning off into space.

I'm better now. Mostly. I'm working on it. I need to learn how to set priorities. I need to learn how to learn! Not too long ago I was talking about adding the exercise ball to the mix and how hard it still was to keep juggling everything successfully, and then I go and shoot a whole bucket of balls into the rotation. Clearly I was talking out of my ass! Sigh. But it's ok, because I am recognizing these things, and I am recognizing them before I totally crash and burn. And now, bloggy friends onward and, because my scale, it has stopped a-moving.

It is no surprise that I have reached a plateau. I have not devoted the same energy and focus to my weight loss as I had been because it's been scattered all over the place (there are some really good things in the pipeline that I will share as I make progress!), and now it's time to refocus. I have not totally gone back to my old habits, and I am still exercising regularly although I miss more days than I'd like. My biggest problem is that I have had a hard time getting back to tracking my food. Truth is, it was getting pretty old, and I was starting to whine about having to do it, and it was kind of nice not to do it religiously over the holidays when I told myself it was ok to relax a bit and maintain. But now, I'm tired of maintaining. I want to start seeing the number on the scale start going down again!

Speaking of the scale,  mine went rogue. I was getting a different weight every time I get on it, so I took myself to Walgreens and bought a simple, $10 scale that seems to be much more cooperative (tho not encouraging!). I am usually pretty adamant about only weighing myself once a week, but I am going to start weighing myself more often for a little while, just until I am back in the groove. I know ups and downs are normal, but if I'm seeing more of an up trend, I can catch myself sooner and get back on track. I am also going to start tracking on my phone again, because it's always with me and I think I did a lot better doing it that way, with my numbers right there in my face all the time.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great 2011 so far (not sure how it already got to be near the end of January). I know my blogging hiatus has not helped me any, either, because I've lost my sense of public accountability (even if my public is very small!), so I hereby recommit to posting my progress on a regular basis and not putting this journey at the bottom of my big long list any more!

Stay tuned for my next post...running updates! Still doing it, still loving it!

Today I am grateful for:
  • my gym membership, even though I chose to run in the 22* cold on Saturday morning!
  • my new mop, which makes mopping soooooo easy we do it every day!
  • audio books
  • all the great people I've already met through running group
  • strawberry season...almost here!

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  1. Love that you are back, and can't wait to read your updates - good and bad!!! :) welcome back!!!