Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ummm, so, yeah...

You know what's coming, so I won't beat around the bush. Yes, I fell off the wagon. Actually, I didn't just fall off the wagon, I jumped off. Head first. Right onto the other wagon. Going the other way. At top speed. Oh, yeah, I totally did a 180 and jumped on the lazy train. Pulled my chair right up to the buffet and went to town. *Big sigh* Want to know why? Of course you do!

1. There was the thing that led to the thing that totally bummed me out because OMG I am such a victim! Poor me, boo hoo, pity party, BUFFET!

2. There's that other situation that totally sucks and it's totally not fair and OMG I can't handle it! Stress! Overwhelm! Munch, munch, munch.

3. And then, you will totally relate to this, the suck just came out of nowhere and hit me right between the eyes and oh, hello, couch, I hear you calling me, I know you will comfort me!

Yeah, life has kind of sucked lately, and I fell right into old patterns to deal with all the suck and stress and energy-draining overwhelm. But I am working on slowing this runaway wagon down and getting it turned around and headed in the right direction. Breaking up with my couch is going to be hard, but I'm preparing myself.

I took the Big Red Dog for a run (ok, more of a run/walk) this morning and we had a great time. I always have a great time - so why do I quit? Every time I get out there after a "break" I think to myself, why am I not doing this every day? I love it! But, I digress. I am excited because my half marathon training group starts in a few weeks. I miss running with a group, and a schedule, and accountability. I was planning to join the trail running group this summer, but they decided not to have it this year, which maybe looking back at the miserable temps over the past month was not such a bad thing.

My biggest challenge is going to be getting back into healthy eating patterns. I'm telling you, interweb, I did not just gradually relax my healthy habits, I ran headlong into the arms of bad habits at top speed. Soda! Fast food! Fried food! Candy! Snacks! It's not going to be fun giving all that up - I think it may actually be harder than quitting smoking was! Am I up for the challenge? We'll see. One thing for sure, I am definitely going to try to post here regularly and religiously. And maybe, while I'm at it, I'll pretty up the place a bit!

Today is a work-at-home day, which is always a challenge, so I am going to go fill up a big glass with water and get to work. See y'all tomorrow!

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