Monday, September 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Smoothie (same old stuff, but used a new protein powder that really fluffed it all up and made more than I could drink!)
4 oz orange juice to take my multitude of pills with

Coffee (I debated whether or not to stop because I'm trying to ditch the caffeine, but I really wanted a hot cuppa joe, so I caved - in a 14 oz coffee mug, I get about 10 oz black coffee and top it off with machine cappuccino)
2 graham crackers

2 lite cheese sticks
1 pear
Not the lunch I intended to have, but I was late to work because of E not feeling well, so kinda busting my ass today

Nature Valley peanut butter granola bars
15 almonds
15-20 chocolate covered almonds at Whole Foods (grrr)
3 Twizzlers (shared by J at the grocery store...grrr)

Garbanzo bean soup made with vegetarian sausage (too bland, non-vegetarian kids would not eat it, vegetarian kid complained)
8 oz milk

1 cup Pops cereal (I wanted more than 21 biscuits!)
8 oz milk

Tomorrow I should have time to (finally) make a meal plan from "This is Why You are Fat." It's been on my list for ummm...too long. I do better, I think, if things are laid out for me to follow, instead of trying to improvise and figure it out on the fly. I also need to hard boil some eggs. I love eggs! I think I will have some for breakfast, along with a slice of some whole grain bread I got from Trader Joe's that I haven't been brave enough to try yet...

None whatsoever. I really need to find a cross-training thing to do on the days I don't run. I miss the gym! Tomorrow is a 4 mile run on the trail with the Big Red Dog. I hope it doesn't rain!

Shin Splint Update:
Did not feel anything all day today, which is amazing! Usually I am hobbling around the day after a long run. This evening I did start to feel a knot in my left calf - maybe I will sleep in my sexy socks? That sounds good, as does sleep, period......sleep sounds good, period. I am not doing well with my "early to bed" goal, and I definitely do not want to get E's stomach bug. I need to stay healthy until my half!

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  1. Tell me, how did you start to like coffee? I have tried and I just can't get into it.