Saturday, September 17, 2011

30-Day Challenge

I've come up with a way to (hopefully) motivate myself to track what I eat every day and blog more frequently. A good, old-fashioned challenge. I am challenging myself to do both for the next 30 days. Things might get a little boring around here as I post endless lists of what I'm eating, but I know I've gotten some great ideas from reading what other bloggers eat!

I am also practicing a little imperfection by starting this TODAY...not on a Sunday, or on the first of the month, or some other "convenient" day. I'm getting started right now! Since I'll be blogging every day, I also plan to record my workouts - it will give me something to look back on years from now as I'm training for my umpteenth half marathon in some fabulous place (I'm dying to race in Alaska...or Scotland...or some gorgeous trail somewhere exotic).

Today is a rest day. It's rainy and chilly and perfect for resting! In fact, I just woke up from a nap! This morning I went to my running form seminar which was very educational. It was at the shoe store that hosts my running groups - Fleet Feet in Raleigh. The people there are awesomely helpful and knowledgeable, and after the seminar I got some advice on my shin splints which are showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. We talked about foam rollers (I plan to go to that seminar in a few weeks) and massage sticks, and I ended up with a pair of compression socks. I'm wearing them right now and I love them. I'm going to try wearing them for my long run tomorrow (8 miles!). 

With my legs all squeezy and happy, I headed over to REI to get a Camelbak. I had gotten one for last week's long run, but it didn't have the chest buckle and I decided I wanted a bigger one, because I had sucked down the 50 oz of water long before I finished 7 miles. I also got some Shot Blocks to try, so I am all ready for my run tomorrow! 

I love REI - it's on my top 10 list of stores I'd love to win a shopping spree at. Today, apparently, was their garage sale - luckily, I did not have time to stick around for a ticket to see all the awesomeness I can't afford at the moment, but I definitely plan to start a little slush fund for the next one! Oh, and I also picked up the latest issue of Trail Runner magazine - that is my next adventure!

Food for the day:

Smoothie (1 banana, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2 big spoonfuls Greek yogurt, spinach & chia seeds)

Mini cinnamon raisin bagel with lite cream cheese

Tasted a piece of chicken fried tofu at Whole Foods (yum! need recipe!) and shared a super yummy grass fed beef burger with C

...dinner at my parents, details to come...

This was definitely my "treat" meal!
Pork ribs (2)
Eggplant parmesan, 1 slice
Sweet potato fries (baked)
1/2 biscuit
Chocolate cake & ice cream for dessert (it was my mom's birthday, after all!)

Then, on the way home, I was so tired that I stopped for a caffeinated beverage, and in a very weak moment bought a Mountain Dew and drank it all.

Now I am going to bed because I have my 8-miler tomorrow - Camelbak water bladder is full and chillin' in the fridge, pack has all my necessities in it, clothes are laid out (oh! better hang up the pants I just washed). I am really excited about this run, can't wait to see how it goes in my sexy compression socks!

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