Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I don't know if I shared this before, but I tried something new this year and chose a word of the year instead of listing resolutions and goals ad infinitum (I tend to go overboard, which then leads to overwhelm). My original word of the year was FEARLESS, but recently I decided to change it to DIG. I love that feeling when I'm doing something I don't want to be doing of digging in and getting it done, and I have a lot of areas in my life right now that would benefit from some digging in!

So, I'm working from home today, and decided to hit the trail with the Big Red Dog for a lunchtime run. I had 4 miles on the schedule. I was looking forward to it. I filled my Camelbak, threw in a package of Shot Bloks, got dressed (I was already wearing my sexy compression socks) and headed out. I did not get far when suddenly the run seemed more like a chore.

The forecast today is calling for rain, and you can feel it in the air...humidity. I hate it. As soon as I started running I just felt...blah. No energy. I decided to do a one-mile out and back twice instead of a two-mile out and back, because the second mile is pretty much a very long, low-grade hill, and I just did not feel like slogging up it today. 

Miles one and two I managed a 4/2 interval at a 12 minute pace. Not too bad. (The Big Red Dog was pulling me a little - he thinks Mama goes Way. Too. Slow.) Mile three just plain sucked. I had to cut back to 2/2 intervals. Usually after I get through two miles I feel warmed up and ready to go, but not today. When I turned around for the last mile, I gave myself a mental kick in the ass and challenged myself to run 1/2 mile, like I did the other day. I have been feeling very discouraged lately that while my overall distance is increasing, the distance that I can actually run without walking is not. So I dug in...and got to the half mile post...and kept running...all the way "home"! Yes, I ran the entire last mile, in 12 minutes. And damn, did that feel good!

Sometimes, you just gotta DIG.

Total distance: 4 miles
Total time: 50:27
Average pace: 12:36 (calculated here - nifty!)

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