Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hot Date

Picture courtesy of  The Kitchn
Tonight I have a hot date with a frozen bag of broccoli. Two words...Shin. Splints. Ouch! Sunday before last I started my half marathon training group with a 5 mile run - very ambitious considering I have largely been on hiatus all summer. In fact, the entire schedule is very ambitious, hence my painful shins. But it feels SO GOOD to be out there running again, with other people, that I am willing to put up with the pain. I called my mom after that 5 mile run and she could tell by my voice I had started my running group and run right out of my funk! I'm two weeks in and while I am a little beaten up physically, mentally I feel 100% better. 
Here's something else that has me rocking a good mood. My 13 year old (C) has started running with me. She wants to join the track team this year! Because of me! I've inspired her! How proud am I? And of course, I just LOVE running with her, even though she is a gazelle next to my actually works out quite well because she pushes me to run a little faster when I am feeling wimpy. My 15 year old (J) wants to run with us, too, and of course E hates to be left behind - I might just have the whole gang out there running the Turkey Trot with me this year! 
Well, it is time to get the kiddos to bed so I can have some couch time with a good book, which is related to an experiment I have in the works...more to come! I'm excited and nervous about it!

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