Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Official!

I am officially registered for my first half marathon!

My goal is to finish in 3 hours or less. Since I was totally inconsistent with running over the summer, I am currently doing a walk/run for my half training. This is a little frustrating because I feel like I'm moving backwards, but I realize that not only is this the furthest I have planned or trained to run, but I am coming off a pretty big break and the quickly increasing mileage on my long runs is very taxing on my body. 

We are currently doing 2/2 intervals on our group runs, but I've decided to use my other two weekly runs to work my speed and running distance back up. So far it seems to be working. I have been doing 4/2 intervals on my solo runs and today's run was great! Today was a real harbinger of fall - crisp and cool and breezy. Overcast, but luckily I finished right before the rain started. 

I did 4 miles total, an out and back on the trail. The first two miles I did in 26 minutes. By the time I turned around I was feeling strong and kicked it up a notch, even running an entire half mile without walking, and managed two 12-minute miles. It felt so good! 

I remember when I first started running and was reading everything I could get my hands on, and reading that the first mile should be a "warm-up mile" - huh? I couldn't even run a mile! But now it is so true! My first mile to even two miles are definitely warm up miles - always a struggle, and after I slog through them I always feel stronger. I am starting to feel like a runner again. I like the feeling!

Tomorrow is a rest day, but in the morning I am going to a seminar on running form. Very excited! I think I have pretty good form, but I love learning new things about running and am anxious to have my form evaluated by a "pro." I also have to get some "fuel" to carry with me on my 8 mile run Sunday - I am going to try the Clif Blocks - and exchange the Camelbak I got for a bigger one. I am actually looking forward to Sunday's run - just praying for good weather! 8 miles in the rain would SUCK!

Well, off to Target to get some smoothie ingredients!

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