Monday, October 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 17

I think I am definitely fighting something. I'm feeling run down and tired. My goal this week is to be in bed by 11:00 every night - I think ideally I would like to aim for 10:30, but first I need a TiVo! Since it's already almost 10:30, I am going to make this quick! Maybe tomorrow I will be up for writing about my super 12 mile run, assuming I haven't forgotten all about it by then!

Coffee (3/4 black, 1/4 cappuccino from machine)
Nature Valley PB granola bars (2)

"Steamers" Kung Pao Chicken (guess I should write down the brand and info - the box is in my recycle bin at work, I will try and remember to get it tomorrow!)

Thomas' Whole Grain Lite English Muffin w/butter & black raspberry Polaner All-Fruit

Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad (1/2)

chocolate covered chocolate chip granola bar

Hmmm...I didn't eat very well today. Maybe that's why I'm tired and achy? Hopefully sleep will help and tomorrow will be a better day - I sure hope so since tomorrow is a running day!

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  1. My mom buys polaner all fruit. It's too chunky for my liking. It has the seeds too...those make it crunch funny.