Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Thankful

I try and remember to include a gratitude list at the end of each blog post. I try and remember to jot down things I am grateful for each day, in my journal or on a sticky note. I try to consciously find things each day, large or small, to be grateful for. But truly, I am grateful for everything! Are there things I would change if I could? Of course. Do I have moments each day when frustration or anger takes over and I feel decidedly UNgrateful? Sure! But, whenever I say these words to myself, I feel warm and safe and happy and at peace, so I try to remind myself of it every day (it's especially effective during rush hour traffic!). 

What I am grateful for today (in no particular order):

  • Getting up early this morning to run an 8k to earn my Thanksgiving dinner
  • Meeting up with friends at the race, including my OBX running partner, who I ran with this morning
  • Beautiful North Carolina days
  • Blue skies
  • Macy's parade
  • My beautiful, wonderful, smart, healthy, amazing kids, who are this way not only because of me, but in spite of me as well
  • My parents and all their help and support, without which I would not be where I am today
  • The home I provide for my kids - it is not the biggest or the nicest, it is not always clean or organized, but it is home and it is where my heart is
  • My brother-in-law's wonderful parents, who include my girls and me in their big family Thanksgiving (tho I may need to run another 5 miles tomorrow morning!)
  • The four legged members of our family who add so much joy and love to our lives
  • My Expedit bookcase (I'm starting at it right now and I just love it so much!)
  • The kick-ass water pressure in my shower, and my BIG water heater!
  • Discovering a love of running and fitness - better late than never!
  • The many beautiful people I have been blessed with meeting this year and all that they have added to my life
  • My big back yard (anyone want to come help me rake and plant some bulbs?)
  • My Garmin - who knew you could love a watch so much?
  • Pergo floors
  • Steam cleaner for said floors
  • Kevin at PetSmart who keeps my dogs' nails so purty
  • Whole Foods turkey and cheddar quiche
  • The amazing online community of inspiring bloggers that help keep me from giving up
  • Kindle!!!!
  • My health
  • My sense of humor - lets face it, without that I might be living large in a padded cell!

Well, I could go on and on, but it's time to finish making the green jello salad and ambrosia, jump in the shower, and head to Mom and Dad's for a laid-back, relaxing Thanksgiving. All the best to you and yours. Enjoy your day!

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