Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Weigh-in


Again, I am going to choose to look on the bright side. First of all, this is probably well-deserved. The Tower of Temptation arrived at the office on Tuesday and I over-indulged maybe just a little. Two words...Almond Roca. I got back on track yesterday, but I guess the damage was done and really, it could have been worse. Secondly, I have been doing my strength training so maybe some of that .8 of a pound is my newly bulging muscles, right? RIGHT?! Finally, given that it is the holiday season and in years past I have gained 10 times that amount, I am going to call this week a solid WIN.

Now, today we have our office party (catered by a BBQ restaurant) and tonight I have a Christmas party, so I will definitely have to be constantly thinking "moderation!" And tomorrow...a long, long run!

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