Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jackie Warner Will Kick Your Ass!

A few days ago I wrote about adding some cross-training back into my schedule by working out with Jackie Warner via her Power Circuit Training DVD. Wednesday night I did the upper body circuit followed by the ab circuit, and, to quote myself, "that workout did not leave me on the floor writhing in agony." In fact, I went into work on Thursday and told my friend "it wasn't too bad - in fact, I'm not feeling it at all."

You see where I'm going with that, right?

Yes, when I got home Thursday night and was changing into my running clothes, I lifted my arms and "felt it." Then I "felt it" all day Friday at work, so much so that every time I moved, I grunted a sad, pathetic, whiny little grunt, leaving the door open for a little bit of teasing.

Did I learn anything from that?

No, apparently not. Friday night, I came home and decided to do the lower body circuit followed by abs. Despite the fact that I had a long run planned for Saturday morning...I figured I was ok because it would take 24 hours to really "feel" that workout. The lower body workout consisted of things like sissy squats, dead lifts, and UFCs, these dreadful exercises which I think just might be worse than burpees!

When I woke up Saturday, I was a little sore, but not terribly sore, so I headed off for my run. First on the agenda was C25K Week 5 Run 3 - 20 minutes. I remember the terror that 20 minute run struck in my heart the first time I saw it looming on the calendar, wondering if I would be ready. This time there was no terror, but I was still nervous about it. I was planning to meet running friend Heather at Lake Johnson at 8:00, so I just headed over a little early to do my run.

Now, the thing about Lake Johnson, which I seem to have forgotten in the months since I ran there, is that it is hilly. Maybe on a good day I might call them "rolling hills," but yesterday, feeling a "little sore" from my Jackie Warner ass kicking, they felt a bit bigger. 

I ran my 20 minutes, turning around after 15 for the chance to run downhill for awhile, then walked/ran back to the parking lot where I met Heather and another running group friend, Peg (she has a Ridgeback, so you know she has good taste!) and I ran two three mile loops around the lake with them then sent them on their way to run another 9 miles. 

I came home, sat in an ice bath for 20 minutes, took an even longer hot shower, shuttled kids around, and took the Big Red Dog to the dog park. By the time I got home, I was really, really, REALLY feeling that ass kicking. In my ass. In my quads. In my hamstrings. 

I felt it all afternoon. I felt it all night (even after taking Goody's PM to help me fall asleep and stop feeling it). I felt it this morning. I felt it on the six-mile shuffle walk I took the dogs on today. I felt it walking up the hill to the car at Walmart. I feel it every time I try and sit on the toilet. I feel it right now, sitting here whining about it. On the up side, it was really fun making my kids help me by picking things up off the floor - things that just kept "dropping" (hey, I remember the never-ending games of "dropsy" they played with me!).

All that said, though, it was a good kind of hurt. I haven't had that much trouble sitting down since I was working out with my trainer at the gym last year. I will definitely keep working out with Jackie, but next week I will be sure NOT to do the lower body circuit the night before my long run!

Looking down from Mount Everest the hill at the end of the Tobacco Trail
that I had to make it up to get back to my car...and coffee

What's your favorite ass-kicking dvd workout?

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