Monday, December 12, 2011

Outer Banks Half Marathon Race Recap (Part 1)

I figured a month was long enough to take to write a recap of my first half marathon. Actually, I'm thinking the way things are going these days, I might be doing good to only have taken a month to get to it!

From what I've gathered, running your first half marathon or marathon either cures you of wanting to do another one or feeds the obsession. I can safely say I fall squarely in the second camp. I can't wait to do another!

I dropped the kids off with my parents on Friday night, so I had time to make sure everything was packed and ready to go and get to bed early. I left a little later than I planned, but it was a gorgeous day and a beautiful drive. I'm sure I looked like a total tourist as I pulled over multiple times to get pictures of the cotton fields!

"Southern Snow"

Unfortunately when I turned on my camera (my awesome, lightweight, tiny little Nikon that I bought specifically for this race!) I realized the battery was dead and I did not bring the charger, so I was stuck taking pictures with my iPhone...iPhone 3 that is, no flash, crappy pictures. I decided not to let it ruin my weekend!

The drive was not as long as I had anticipated - about three hours. When I got into Nags Head, I stopped at the expo to pick up my race packet and do some shopping. I picked up a Runner Girl keychain and Christmas ornament, some gloves, a Bondi Band (black with "Dig Deep" in white), some Gu, and a bunch of race flyers! I was very disappointed in the race shirt, though - I got a women's large, but the shirts ran so small that it's so small it would probably fit E! It's in my drawer in the hopes that it might fit after I reach goal weight.

Once I was done wandering around the expo wishing I had more money to spend, I headed up to our rental house in Corolla. It was beautiful! I had a room to myself (no one had to listen to me snore!), and after I unpacked, I crashed for a few hours. A nap in a beach house is somehow so much more restful than a nap in my messy house!

After I woke up it was time for a walk down at the beach. I love the beach - it's been years since I have been. It was nearly deserted as I walked along, collecting shells and enjoying the sunset. 

All I could think about was running along the edge of the waves!

When I got back from my walk, I was just in time to enjoy some snacks and help get dinner ready. One of the ladies made this amazing chicken and rice dish - I could have had thirds, and fourths! I actually enjoyed two beers during the dinner festivities, which is unusual for me. I am not much of a drinker, but you wouldn't know that from looking at the pictures taken of me over this weekend break from "single mama-hood!"

Done with the beer and drinking water like a good runner!
From left, "Perky," Sloane, Pam, me, "Pinky" and Allison

After dinner, Allison and Pinky handed out gifts! Allison gave us each a handmade charm, hand-stamped 13.1 and then enameled. Beautiful! Pinky gave us all pink gloves and headbands so we would be toasty warm the next morning.

Back: Pinky, Me, Allison, Sloan
Front: Perky, Lou, Pam

After our photo shoot, we all walked down to the beach and raised a little hell, then headed back to the house to finalize our wardrobe choices and lay everything out for the next morning...Allison promised to wake us all up at 4:00 am singing (I don't remember what song). I set my alarm just in case, read for awhile, and turned the lights out at 10:00, hoping to get a good night's sleep in my bunk bed. be continued...

Still reading? Here's what I'm grateful for today!

Today I am grateful for:
  • fresh Christmas trees from Booger Mountain
  • egg nog
  • cold winter's nights and my warm fluffy comforter
  • Christmas lights around the neighborhood
  • Christmas parades

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