Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye, 2011

I realize I am a few days late doing the whole "year in review" post, but I have a good excuse. Really. I was sick! Yes, I rang in the new year laying on the couch sniffling and coughing and whining about how I was supposed to be RUNNING the next day, out on the trail with dozens of "resolutioners" I would secretly be wanting to look down my nose at but would actually be cheering for because yay! Congrats! And also because, hello! Wasn't I one for years before I got the fitness habit to "stick?!" I wish them all success!!

I'm still feeling a little whiny about not getting to run for almost a whole week, though. It started on Wednesday - after my morning run, thankfully. Oh, look, I shared that already:
"Now I am laying in bed nursing a serious cold and trying to ignore the contents of my closet piled all around my room because late last night Project Closet Organization morphed into Project Scratch My Head and Wonder Where All This Shit Came From and Where the Hell is it Going to Go Now, but I got my run in, so everything is A-OK!"
Or not...I thought it was going to be a one or two day cold, because that's how long it took my 13-year old to kick it. I should have known better. I think it was actually the damn flu. Wednesday afternoon I took the kiddos roller skating, for which I deserve a medal. Seriously. I sat through four hours of loud music, flashing light, disco ball hell feeling like I wanted nothing more than to crawl under the table and take a nap. My cold got progressively worse over the next several days - I even had to cancel postpone Christmas with my parents from Saturday to Sunday.

I had big plans for my vacation and most of them got way-laid (like laundry plans and organizing plans and "starting the new year off right" plans), but most importantly

I did not get to hike once!

There is a bright side: at least it wasn't the swine flu that infected me two years ago. it's 2012 (time flies and all that blah blah blah) and I have done some reflectin' that I feel like sharing (surprise!).

2011 was a really good year for me.

I got to my lowest weight probably since I had my first child, having lost nearly 70 pounds.
I gained back 25 of those pounds.
I did not give up and quit.

I set running goals and "ran" after them.
I achieved them.
I set more.

I ran a half marathon. 

I have always envisioned myself as an "outdoor girl." 
When I was young and had horses, I was that girl.
Then I married my couch and we lived unhappily ever after...until now.
I rediscovered my inner outdoor girl and brought her out to play.
She is here to stay.

I made some dreams come true. 
I made progress on others.
I realized some weren't really mine and gave them back.
I dreamed some new dreams.
I'm runnin' those down, too!

I forgave myself.
I challenged myself.
I surprised myself.

I realized I am so much more than I ever gave myself credit for.
I expect others to treat me so much better than I ever did...before.

I successfully navigated an entire year raising two teenagers and one teenager wannabe.
They all survived, too.
Actually, we did more than survive. We thrived!

Yes, 2011 was a really good year. But 2012 is gonna ROCK!

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  1. oh that was just a great review!! i hope that in 2012 your outdoor girl continues to blossom