Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pizza is a Gateway Drug

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I love pizza. Actually, I loooooooove pizza. Everyone at the local CiCi's uknows me by name. They recognize my voice when I call to place my weekly Friday night order. I order pizza on Friday nights for two reasons: (1) it is the end of the week and all I want to do is crash on the couch and relax, not cook - um, not so different from the other 5 days of the work week...or the weekend, for that matter, and (2) I have gotten in the habit of doing my grocery shopping on Sundays, at the very last possible minute before the work/school week starts because I. Hate. Grocery. Shopping, so by Friday the cupboards are usually pretty bare.

Lately there has been one more reason...WW weigh in is on Friday mornings, so I feel like Friday is a good "splurge night" because I have a whole week to be good before the next weigh-in. 

However, I think I am going to have to say good-bye to Pizza Fridays because, well, pizza is apparently my gateway drug. Not only do I have a horrible tendency to throw all semblance of moderation out the window when pizza is placed in front of me (last night my plan to eat two pieces turned into three turned into four and a half...FOUR. and a HALF), but pizza seems to get all the "feed me yummy fattening food" synapses firing in my brain and then all too often I end up indulging in more...and more...and MORE of whatever is in the house. 

Last night it was the Mountain Dew I thought I could limit myself to a small glass of, followed by a handful of J's chocolate Krave cereal, followed by a big bowlful of Krave cereal...I ended up eating 57 points yesterday, 36 of them at dinner and afterwards. That's more than an entire day of points in the span of a few hours.


So, good-bye pizza Fridays. I am not saying good-bye to pizza altogether, but I will only have it once a week at Whole Foods after my Tuesday night run, where I buy it by the slice. I think Friday's will become spaghetti night, since Saturdays are long run days. 
I will now consider that gateway...CLOSED!

Today I am grateful for:
  • my crockpot
  • Smart Wool socks
  • a clean kitchen and money-motivated kids
  • Roku
  • Groupon

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