Friday, January 27, 2012

WW Weigh-in Friday

I have been doing Weight Watchers for 3 weeks now. My first weigh-in was January 6, and it was a little depressing. Let's just say that my little $10 scale was WAY THE FUCK OFF! My first official weight 214, giving me 32 points per day. I've been playing around with my points a little, trying to optimize weight loss while still eating enough to have energy for running and working out.

Week 1: 
The weekend after I weighed in the first time, I had a little "farewell" party for myself and did not track points at all. As I recall, there was pizza, soda, chocolate, and there may or may not have been a few bags of Twizzlers involved (family size, natch). Starting Monday, I got right on track with tracking, and hit my target each day. Friday the official WW scale showed a 3.2 pound loss. Saturday I totally bonked on my long run.

Week 2:
During the second week, I tried eating some of my 49 "anytime" points each day to make sure I had enough energy for running. That worked a lot better. At weigh-in I was down 1.8. I then commenced to eat the hell out of some pizza for dinner that night and pretty much buffet'd my way through the weekend (pizza is a gateway drug, you know!). By the end of Sunday (my tracking week runs from Monday through Sunday), I had dipped into my exercise points, and I even quit tracking it was so ugly.

Week 3:
For whatever reason (um, maybe my weekend binging?) I had a hard time getting back on track on Monday. I haven't gone hog-wild crazy, but I have used more anytime points than I planned each day...although, this is probably a better strategy than skimping during the week and binging on the weekend. This morning's weigh in had me down only .6. Don't get me wrong, I will take it, but I am going to continue to tweak my daily points and the foods I'm eating so that I continue to lose and am still able to "comfortably" do my long runs as I train for my March half. And let me just take this opportunity to say...THANK YOU, WW, FOR FREE FRUITS!!!

My thoughts on exercise points:
I track them because I like to see them there, like a savings account, but personally I think WW is a little generous in handing them out! Running 3-4 days a week and hiking/cross-training 2-3 days a week easily gives me in the neighborhood of 50 points! My goal right now is to eat my daily points and "anytime" points, but leave the exercise points in the bank. For sure I do not feel deprived on 266 points a week!

So far I am really pleased being back on WW. I was getting so frustrated feeling like the scale was not moving, thinking there was something wrong with me, but now I clearly see that I was just plain eating too much. I was totally overestimating the amount of food I could/should be eating based on how much I felt I was running. To reach my goal weight, I need to average about one and a quarter pounds per week through the end of the year. I think that is totally do-able, and I am already ahead of schedule.

This weekend I am definitely going to make an effort to stay on plan and quit treating those two days like a free-for-all! My plan for next week is to try and hit a target of 34-36 points per day during the week, saving a little more for the weekend (can anyone say Superbowl Sunday???). And, no more burying my head in the ice cream bucket sand...if I bite it, I will write it!!!

Journal, Journal, Journal!

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