Tuesday, September 11, 2012

14 Miles & A Trail Run

I survived my second 14-mile run on Saturday! It was on the nice-n-flat Tobacco Trail, which makes for an easier time of it than, say, lat week's 10-miler in Umstead:

I managed my first 14-mile run (and longest run EVER) two weeks ago in 3:03. I got to run the entire way with E from LLS/TNT, which was awesome - don't think I could have mentally managed it all by myself. Unfortunately, there is no one else in my TNT training group doing the same distances and intervals as I am, so I usually run alone. She is also a little speedier than me, so she pushed me to run a bit faster than I would have on my own, and as we chatted, the first 8.5 miles went by like nothing!

I was a little nervous going into this Saturday's run because my weekly mileage was higher than it has been during my training and I was feeling it! Also, after Thursday's 3 miles on the treadmill, my left quad/hip area was achy, so I didn't know if I was sore from the higher mileage, or the treadmill run, or if something else was going on.

I had arranged to run with another friend who had 18 on her calendar for the day, so she got 3 miles in before meeting up with me. Our first 4 miles together were at what I'm considering my goal pace for the marathon, but I think she was struggling with dehydration so our next few miles were a quite a bit slower. We separated at the halfway point so I could keep my speed up. For awhile there I was feeling quite speedy, but the second out and back of the run was downhill out and uphill back, and that really sucked! Total time 3:07, average pace 13:22.

Mile 1: 12:29
Mile 2: 12:49
Mile 3: 13:03
Mile 4: 12:44
Mile 5: 15:01 (lots of walking!)
Mile 6: 14:18
Mile 7: 14:45
Mile 8: 13:36
Mile 9: 13:24
Mile 10: 12:10
Mile 11: 13:01
Mile 12: 12:34
Mile 13: 13:42 (coming back up the hill now)
Mile 14: 13:37

Overall I was pleased with the run. I'm definitely learning what works and what doesn't work for race day. I keep finding new places that need Body Glide! I tried Gu Chomps instead of my favorite Clif Shot Blocks, which don't have caffeine. They seemed to work well, which was a good thing, because when I tried to suck down my yummy espresso Gu gel at mile 11, I could barely get it down, so I still need to play around with what's going to work best for fuel. I guess I was just stiff at the start, but it worked itself out and I didn't experience any pain.

I did learn that maybe a nap is not the best thing after a long run. After my ice bath and shower, a nap sounded so nice, but I tossed and turned and ached and stiffened and woke up feeling like this...

Where's my oil can?

Turns out these work just as well for loosening the joints...

Now to get mentally prepared for my 16 miles this Saturday - and I think we are headed back to the hills for that run :-(

I've done a little bit of whining about my super hilly 10-mile run in Umstead, but after it was all said and done and I survived, there was a part of me that kind of wanted to do it again! I have wanted to try trail running for awhile, and after that run I dug out my old issues of Trail Runner and reread them all, getting more and more excited about hitting the trails and one day trying a trail race.

Sunday, on a 5-hour drive resulting from a failed attempt to take the kids to Kings Dominion (closed to the public for a Booz Allen company day), I listened to various Pandora stations to find some good running music (I am too lazy to make playlists!). I was loving the Alternative Endurance Training station, and between the cool tunes and the amazing Fall is Almost Here weather, I just could not wait to hit up a local trail for a run on Monday.

After dropping E off at school, I headed straight over to Bond Park. The weather was perfect! I knew I wanted to get in around 5 miles, but I hadn't looked at a map so I ended up doing a little exploring. I started on the Greenway, and after about .5 mile turned right onto the singletrack trail that winds around the lake for about a mile, then took the Pine Cone trail, a nice mulched trail that eventually took me back to the Greenway for another lap around the lake, and then for the last mile I picked up trails here and there until G beeped 5 miles. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I have officially designated Monday as Trail Run Day, and I can't wait to explore other trails in the area.

When I was done stretching, I found a bench near the water and sat with the ducks for awhile, wishing a little that I had the kind of life that would allow every day to be Trail Run Day! At least I have this to look forward to!

Bond Lake

Today is cross-training day, so I will be off to the YMCA for a 1600 meter swim at lunch time!

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  1. great job on the run. It's a little more scenic than the dreadmill, eh? Still has spiders though...

    ps- I hate spiders

    pps - those fucking non robot enter this shit in, are still illegible. Do they do this on purpose so you have to refresh it 300 times?