Friday, September 28, 2012


I know I still need to post the details about my 18 mile run last Saturday, but they are still stuck in my Garmin and I've been lazy about uploading the run and writing it down, so I thought I would write about my stalking tendencies.

Ok, so I don't really think of myself as a stalker - I mean, bloggers want their blogs read, right? Maybe I'm just a person trying to pass the time at work with too much time on her hands?

I have found so many awesome running & fitness blogs over the past few years, but every once in awhile I find one that I enjoy so much that I just have to go back and read from the beginning to see how it all started! I've gained a ton inspiration and motivation from so many people and it's great to go back in time and see that at some point they were beginners, too.

In no particular order, these are some of the awesome ladies I've stalked over the past few years :-)

Aron at Runner's Rambles - I am in the thick of it reading Aron's blog and so. freaking. impressed with her! I am famous for getting sucked down rabbit holes while surfing the webs, so I don't remember how I got led to her blog initially, but I was immediately drawn in because she is an ultra/trail runner and that's kind of my new obsession! After reading just a few posts, I decided to start from the beginning, and WOW. I will never come close to BQ pace in any race I run, but I just love hearing about her adventures and successes and imagining what it must be like to run a 70+ mile week (although not what her annual investment in SHOES must be!).

Keep up the good work and the good writing, Aron. Many of your adventures I will only ever live vicariously through you and other runner bloggers, but you definitely have inspired me to stretch myself with new goals!

Meredith at Swim.Bike.Mom - One day I am going to meet up with this girl over a pitcher of margaritas (it's ok, I've already admitted my girl crush to her and she's ok with it). Lawyer, wife, mom of two young 'uns, triathlete, author, ass-kicker, name-taker, wisdom-sharer...the list goes on. She is amazeballs. 

Her second blog post ever, on August 27, 2010, was "I have decided to become a Triathlete. …" and that she has! I had a triathlon seed growing in my head for awhile and reading her blog has been the sunshine and water I needed to really grow this seed into a belief - thanks to SBM, I know I can totally rock a tri (next year, though, after I rock my marathon!).

She has her first book coming out soon, which I can't wait to read. The thing that sucks about "catching up" with a blogger is that then you have to wait for new posts! I am looking forward to curling up with her book after a long run and reading her funny stories and awesome advice for hours!

Beth at Shut Up and Run - First of all, she has an awesome name, just sayin'. Second, she's from my home state of Maryland (though I'm not sure exactly where, I hope from the cool part of the state, like me). Third, she is freaking hysterical. She never, ever fails to put a smile on my face when I need one. I haven't gone back and properly stalked her yet, but I imagine I will very soon!

Totally jealous of where she lives and gets to run (Colorado).

She's a running coach, too, and I'm saving the pennies I don't spend on running stuff (cheap hobby say what?!), gas to get to my soul sucking job, and stuff my children demand from me (like food and clothes and food) to hire her :-)

Kerrie at Mom vs. Marathon - Again, I don't recall how I stumbled across Kerrie's awesome blog - I remember exactly the post and the picture, but I don't remember whose blog I was reading! I just love her story of going from a new mom in pain from a herniated disc to running her first few steps in summer 2009 to super speedy accomplished runner today (and looking toward her first tri - another adventure on my bucket list).

I am super jealous of her, too, because she lives in such a beautiful place with so many awesome places to run! The North Olympic Discovery Marathon (or half) is on my wish list thanks to Mrs. T (although it appears to always fall super inconveniently on the weekend before my kids' last week of school, GAH!).

Ann at Twelve in Twelve - I first came across Ann through Prior Fat Girl and I related to her right away. The name of her blog comes from her quest to run twelve races in twelve months, which she did! I drew inspiration from this as I planned to do the same last year, but I totally fell off the wagon - hopefully it is something I can achieve at some point going forward!

What I love about Ann is that she is so transparent and honest. She talks about her struggles with exercise, food and weight loss, especially regarding eating her feelings, and sometimes I think she took the words right out of my mouth. She just recently finished the Whole30 challenge, which is just WOW! So proud of her and what an inspiration and motivation for me!

Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl - I totally wasted my youth on being young and stupid, and lazy, so I love reading about this girl who's doing it all right! Janae makes me feel old and jealous (the girl is serious about her food, just looking at her pictures packs fat onto my ass), but I LOVE reading her stories. Now that she has a new hungry runner baby girl, I love throwing pillows at the computer monitor when she shares the stats from her long, fast runs just 6 weeks post-delivery. 

Seriously, she is cute, fast, funny, genuine, fast, adorable, positive, fast, and I look forward to her posts. She is a prolific poster, which means I don't ever have to wait too long for a new post, but I think it might take me a lot of weeks of slacking at the soul-sucking job to read her archives so I'm just looking forward to what amazing things she is sure to accomplish in the future!

There are so many other blogs in my blogger rotation and I could go on all day about how great they are and how they have inspired me over and over. I know that had I not found this community of runners I might have given up long ago! Here are some of my other favorites:

Amanda at Run to Finish - I learn something from her every day

Monica at Run Eat Repeat - Reading her blog makes me hungry!

Mel at Tall Mom on the Run - I may have found Kerrie through Mel, or Mel through Kerrie. Either way, another awesome blogger. One day I will join her 1000+ club!!!

Dorothy at Mile Posts - This girl LOVES to run and it shines through every post. Many times she is out there pushing a triple stroller, running faster than I do in my dreams!

Jen at Prior Fat Girl - this was the first fitness/weight loss blog I stalked from the beginning, and it was the perfect blog for me to find at the perfect time. She provided so much motivation for me and also gave me the idea to start my own blog!

Keep on running and writing, ladies! Thank you for all your inspiration and motivation!

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