Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

This is not exactly how I planned to wind down 2012...

Let me go back a few weeks, when I was making big plans for the last 6 weeks of the year.

First, I signed up for Amanda's awesome Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge again (I've added a tab to track my points). Last year it really motivated me to get in my exercises and veggies over the holiday season, when the couch and a plate of Christmas cookies was really calling my name. Unfortunately, I got sick right after Christmas so the last week or so of the challenge was more bust than bootie busting. I was excited to tackle it again this year and was doing great, until...

Post-Thanksgiving dinner, halfway through the Redskins/Dallas game (go Skins!), I started feeling a little soreness when I swallowed. Noooooooo! I had such big plans for my 5 day weekend, and this was NOT part of them! When I got home from my parents, I took some ibuprofin and went straight to bed. The sore throat was gone Friday morning when I woke up, but my hopes were dashed as my head started aching worse and worse as the day went on. 

I spent my 5 day weekend in bed. 

Tuesday I thought I was on the mend, as I no longer felt like the pressure in my sinuses was pushing my brain against the back of my head, but then the cough started.

I took it easy for the rest of the week, ate well, rested a lot, and by Saturday I was feeling about 85% and thought maybe an easy run would knock the rest of it out of my system. I took Little Trail Dog with me for 4 miles of easy walk/run and indeed came home feeling fantastic. I decided I would keep my meetup date for a 12-mile hike on Sunday morning.

I felt great Sunday morning! I got up early, made a yummy breakfast, packed my backpack, took Big Red Dog for a walk and headed off to meet my hiking companions. The weather was perfect. We were hiking two sections of the Falls Lake Trail (part of the MST) that I had been wanting to hike. There were only three others and we enjoyed some nice conversation as we hiked along at a brisk pace.

Then it happened...about a quarter mile from our turnaround point, I was apparently concentrating more on the conversation than where I was putting my feet, and I stepped on a tree root, turned my ankle, and went down. I knew as soon as it happened that it was bad, but I didn't have much choice, so I got up and kept walking. I managed to make it the 6.25 miles back to the car but refused to look at it until I got home. I was feeling more than a little stupid!

By the time I got home it was swelling and turning purple and continued to get worse throughout the day. I spent the rest of the day in bed, RICE'ing, napping, watching tv, and generally being bored out of my skull. Also, kind of wishing I still had my cold instead of this!

Yesterday I went to the orthopedist, and turns out I have a grade 2 possibly 3 sprain and I got that sexy boot to walk around in. The PA started talking about where the bones meet and instability and surgery and pins and I stopped listening - basically I have to go in for another x-ray next week where they manipulate the ankle more to make sure none of that is necessary. I am sure it's all "worst case scenario" talk and I am not letting it bother me. I am calling on the powers that be for quick and complete healing!

So...the fantastic gym/running/workout schedule I spent so much time on last week is now mocking me (because of course I wrote it in my planner, in ink), but I am not going to let this turn into an excuse to do nothing. I was given the ok to swim, but I will probably wait for the swelling to go down and until I am sure I can actually get in and out of the pool without breaking anything else, and I am on the hunt for some good upper body/core workouts I can do. I am also concentrating on eating good, whole foods and NOT indulging in any "poor me comfort carbs."

I am really kind of proud of the way I am handling this, AND as a bonus I get to practice my "imperfectionist" skills by letting my kids do all the holiday decorating this year. I will, however, be asking Santa for a good pair of hiking boots!!


  1. Brutal! So not fair.

    Well, Jillian says rowing is super good cardio work. Just plant your feet on the ground so you don't use your legs. Not sure if you belong to a gym, though. Good job with the decorating. I was super proud of myself letting the 4YO decorate and redecorate the tree.

    1. Thanks for the idea, Kerrie! We do have a rowing machine at the Y, so if I am cleared at my next doctor's visit, I will definitely try it out. It would actually be great practice - I joined a dragon boat meetup group but haven't worked up the courage to actually go out for a practice yet!