Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And the Universe Responds...

I guess the universe thought I needed a kick in the ass after yesterday's post...

This morning I went on my first run after a five day "I let life get in the way" hiatus - just what you want to do right before your first race in a year, and a trail race no less. Let's just call it a taper, shall we?

I was at about mile 2.5 when a guy on a bike passed me going the opposite way. I had actually already passed him and said good morning (does anyone else have trouble on the backside of an out and back remembering if you've already passed someone and feeling awkward about saying hello again, or is that just me being my weird and awkward self?), so I gave him a smile, and as he passed he said...

"Looking good!"

I'm telling you, it was the equivalent of a clap of thunder and lightening striking at my feet. I GOT THE MESSAGE!!! 

How do you think the rest of my run went? Yeah, you know I picked up the pace and held my head a little higher, and finished with a sprint and a smile.

So thank you, old dude in your bright yellow rain jacket, and thank you universe, for sending me exactly what I needed when I needed it!

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