Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6: Week 1 Review

It hasn't quite been a whole week, but going forward I'll do my reviews on Saturdays, because that feels like the end of the week to me. Then I'll do my menu plan and shopping list on Sunday, and my goal is to shop on Monday KID FREE.

Budget Tip: Do your shopping alone, it will save you a ton!

So how did my first, short week go? Overall I think it went pretty well! With my freezer well stocked, I was able to plan meals around what I have and keep my shopping list to a minimum. I actually did my shopping last Monday, but did have to make one stop later in the week to pick up a few extras. 

Budget Tip: Try and get all your shopping done in one trip. If you run out, do without. If you need one or two items, go in with just enough cash, otherwise you end up with the "$50 gallon of milk."

I actually stuck to my meal plan for the most part, and cooked almost every night! This is very unusual for me, but because I kept things simple, it didn't seem like a chore (don't ask me about the clean-up, though ~ that did seem like a chore and is a whole 'nuther 31-day challenge). I did have a few "cheats," but overall I stayed on track and I didn't have any insane cravings or difficult moments. I didn't miss breads or pastas at all, although there was that one moment that J opened a bag of chips in front of me and I wanted to kick her out of the car. 

Here's how the week looked:

All the bad foods and way too much of them

Wednesday (this was the day I had my sugar hangover and was having some major cravings)
Breakfast: coffee, bagel with cream cheese, yogurt
Lunch: Trader Joe's Japanese Rice with meatballs
Dinner: Pork chops, green beans
Snacks: American cheese, Trader Joe's milk chocolate bar, sunflower seed butter

I also made a dozen egg & sausage muffins for breakfasts throughout the week, and sampled one to see how they turned out...yum! That was seriously the most time I had spent in the kitchen for weeks.

Breakfast: coffee, 2 egg & sausage muffins
Lunch: leftover pork chop
Dinner: spaghetti squash w/Ragu & the rest of the pork sausage, zucchini
Snacks: sunflower seed butter
Beverages: milk, orange juice

I felt very satisfied all day, never hungry. I felt "snacky" sometimes, but I think that was more just habit and boredom. It's hard to work at home and not wander into the kitchen on a regular basis!!

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: egg muffin, pork chop
Dinner: taco beans with sour cream
Snacks: cottage cheese, sunflower seed butter
Beverages: milk, orange juice

I had a meeting at 9:30 am and didn't have a chance to eat before-hand, just grab some coffee on the way (one day I will admit the horror that I call coffee, after I've changed my ways...). I got home around 11:45 and was hungry but not famished. I had two events for my business and didn't get home until around 7:30, and again, was hungry but not famished, but then felt "snacky" later that evening as I was writing my blog post and doing some chores. Also, I was on the go all day long and had plenty of energy - win!

Breakfast: 2 egg muffins, coffee
Late Lunch: Whole Foods bar (chicken, Greek salad, brown rice), chocolate milk
Dinner: leftover spaghetti squash with Ragu & meatballs
Snacks: Justin's peanut butter cup
Beverages: milk, orange juice

Our "late lunch" was almost a dinner - again, we had an event for my business from 2-4pm, and I hadn't had time for lunch before hand. It was around 3:00 when I noticed I was feeling hungry. We stopped at Whole Foods for hot bar carry-out, and by that point I must have been pretty hungry and having a craving, because I did get a chocolate milk and the peanut butter cup. I ate dinner after yet another event, probably around 8:30 or even close to 9:00. Again, a very busy day with consistently good energy levels - loving it!

Breakfast: 3 egg muffins
Late Lunch: Coconut Chocolate Chip Clif Bar (at Target while shopping), coffee
Dinner: baked potato with onions & cottage cheese
Snack: Justin's chocolate macadamia nut butter
Beverages: milk, orange juice

Today was a lazy day for me. I didn't have anything I had to do, so I didn't really do anything! I slept in, caught up on some tv shows, read some other 31-day blogs. By the time we went to Target around 2:30 to do part of the shopping (the rest I will do tomorrow at Trader Joe's), I was hungry and grabbed a Clif Bar. I would have preferred a Luna Bar (peanut butter chocolate chip is my favorite), but they don't sell those individually and buying a whole box would have been dangerous!

I didn't follow my meal plan exactly...Saturday I had planned to put a whole chicken in the crockpot so I would have it ready after my evening event, but I didn't have enough time between E's early soccer game and my events to make that happen. Today was supposed to be wings, but I was just too lazy! I do love, though, that I had leftovers and things to make it work without resorting to anything unhealthy, and that Whole Foods was so conveniently convenient with their expensive but delicious ready made food (um, NOT the way to do Paleo on a budget!)

Goals for next week:
  • better snacks ~ I love sunflower seed butter, but it goes down very easy and it's easy to overdo!
  • drink more water ~ I tried to drink water with most meals, but I love milk and it washes down sunflower seed butter very nicely!
  • cut the orange juice ~ maybe get some oranges instead for the flavor and add lemon to my water
  • I guess I will try and take some pictures of my food for y'all, but I am no food blogger or photographer, so keep that in mind
Tomorrow, week 2 menu plan and shopping list!

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