Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8: Shopping, Week 2

You know you are embracing The Blogging Thing when you start to panic because you can't find the shopping list you scribbled and marked up so you can share it with the interwebs.

Moving on.

As I created my menu plan on Sunday, I also created a shopping list. What I have been doing the last two weeks is shopping at Target on Sunday, so the kids have their junk food for the week, and then going to Trader Joe's on Monday, when I am kid free and have more time to wander around and make wish lists in my head.

I would love to eventually wean my kids off all the crap they eat, but it's like that cliche airplane analogy ~ put your own mask on before helping others. I think I need to get my own good habits in place and lead by example for awhile, and switch them over to the Healthy Way slowly. Of course, they are stubborn, so they might move out before I accomplish that (at least the older two, anyway).

So for now, it is what it is!


canned pineapple
Archer Farms pineapple BBQ sauce
yogurt (Noosa ~ yes, it has sugar, but it's nice to have one on hand when I need some quick & tasty protein)
cream cheese
cheese sticks
Braggs organic apple cider vinegar
Dinosaur oatmeal
spaghettios (C could literally live on these and her nasty tea drinks)
apples (for J ~ she likes red, I do not)
Luna bars (snack for J ~ she hides them in her room, so I'm not tempted)

*for the kids

This seemed like a completely manageable list. My spending goal was $50. However, we added a few paper products and then I don't even know what, and I walked out spending $80. This is what happens when you shop with a credit card (well, Red Card). And kids. When you're tired. And also, hungry. 

Budget Tip: One thing to think about if you have older kids...I got this idea from Debt Proof Your Kids by Mary Hunt. Kick them off your budget and give them one of their own. I calculated a weekly amount based on what I was willing to spend on various things over the course of a year (haircuts, toiletries, clothes, etc) as well as weekly snacks and entertainment, and I gave them cash at the start of each week. I did this for awhile but it stopped when the paychecks did. I am thinking I need to find a way to start it up again. They are a lot stingier with their money than they are with mine! 

I also need to start shopping with cash...I get kind of hung up on the 5% I save when using the Red Card, but I guess it's better to pay full price and stay within my budget, than to save a little but way overspend.

Trader Joe's

bacon (uncured)
diced tomatoes
garlic powder
orange juice
brussels sprouts 
sweet potatoes
Lara bar (1)

I actually eliminated a few items after I blew my budget at Target, and I didn't have a specific amount in mind to spend. I was just hoping to keep it as low as I could. 

I went to Trader Joe's for the first time a few years ago, and was shocked at how small it was when I walked in. It took me awhile to get used to shopping there, but now I love it! I love how everything is organized, and their handwritten signs, and best of all, the employees that are around every turn waiting to answer your questions (like, when, when, when are you going to get fresh brussels sprout stalks???). 

All the kinds of apples! Honeycrisp are my favorites!

I did actually go with J, because it's convenient to go right after I pick her up from school. Also, because she is a picky pescatarian, who can never decide ahead of time what she wants to eat, it's easier to take her than listen to her complain all week. I do think I will start giving her her own money each week, however, so she can start learning to budget. She will thank me later ~ I wish my parents had taught me!

As a result of having J with me, we did end up with several many things not on my list. She got some hummus and chips, Morningstar burgers, beans, and salsa.

Which is not to say that I was not tempted, either...

It was like fall in a cup!

Those samples get me every time! (I did not have to buy the coconut milk, of course...I have that case from Christmas, remember?). 

I also ended up with some shaved cheese, a bag of apples, and a bottle of totally non-Paleo, gluten-filled Pumpkin Ale (I love that you can buy single bottles). Usually I am good and buy the hard cider, but I've never had a pumpkin beer and I had a hankering to try it. It will probably sit in my fridge for a few months until I remember it's there - I rarely drink alcohol. Oh, and of course we each got a box of the 100 calorie dark chocolate bars at checkout!

I ended up spending $84 ~ again, more than I was hoping for, but I think we can all agree that "hoping" is not a viable strategy for shopping on a budget. 

Goals for Next Week:
  • shop with cash
  • shop alone
  • check out the Farmers Market for produce

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