Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekly Progress Report: September 17, 2017

This cold or whatever I have is still hanging around and kicking my butt. It's been over two weeks since I have been able to run or ride. I thought I was finally on the mend, but yesterday everything started all over. I think it's time to go to the doctor.

The Big Red Dog wasn't feeling guilty about not running - he was
perfectly happy to keep me company in bed!

This popped up on my Timehop this week from five years ago. It seems a lifetime ago that I was training for my marathon! It's a little frustrating to see how far I came and to know I am back where I started, but I am choosing to let it motivate me to get back to that place. I don't know that I will ever run another marathon, but I am definitely still in love with running and hopefully won't be taking another five year break any time soon ever again!

I am so happy that despite my utter lack of physical exertion, I still managed to lose 3 pounds! I joined Lexi's Sweatember Slimdown on DietBet one week ago today, and honestly was pretty nervous to weigh in since I've been such a slug. I guess eating right really is the most important thing, but I still can't wait to get back out on the trails!

Tobacco Trail - Am I lucky to have such beautiful trails in my town or what? 

I am super proud of myself for sticking to my meal plan this week. I didn't actually get to the grocery store until Wednesday, so before that things were pretty ugly. We had been expecting Hurrican Irma to head our way, so we prepared with canned food we could eat cold in case we lost power (lots and lots of mini ravioli) and ramen which we could cook on our camp stove. 

Starting Wednesday, I cooked all the dinners I had planned and had plenty for leftovers for lunches. I have to give a lot of credit to my health coach, Dr. Anna Garrett, because she encouraged me to be accountable by texting her pictures of all my meals. That was a pretty strong motivation to actually make them healthy!

(I hired Dr. Anna as my birthday gift to myself and she is awesome - I will devote a post to my experience soon!)

CHEATS: I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't admit that I had some lapses this week, and pretending they didn't happen isn't doing myself any favors. I am not expecting perfection from myself - I know there are going to be times that I fall into old habits, fail to think before I put something in my mouth, or even just decide that I'm ok with a little slip. The important thing is to keep them few and far between. 

I did have a few sodas last week, mostly late at night when I should have been in bed. That's actually when most of my unhealthy eating happens, because I am tired and my will power has long since been used up for the day. I shared a Starbucks fox cookie with my daughter because they are soooo good, I just couldn't watch her eat it without taking a bit (or three). She also tempted me with a Reece's PB cup, which of course I had to chase down with a some cold milk. 

Overall, I think I am off to a pretty good (fresh) start. I am excited about this coming week. I am taking a stand-up paddleboarding lesson with my mom on Thursday evening! I took a lesson five years ago and loved it so much, but I haven't done it since. I hope I don't make a fool out of myself by falling in! I will definitely make an effort to at least go on some walks, even if I am not feeling up to running. 

Oh, and stepping completely outside of my comfort zone, I created a page here to track my weight loss with pictures! I never took pictures of my journey last time, and I'm not making that mistake again!

Have a great week!

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