Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekly Progress Report: September 24, 2017

Well, I finally got sick of being sick and went to the doctor, and lo and behold, I had a sinus infection. Antibiotics kicked in right away and I feel so much better! It feels so good to be able to breathe again. 

Wednesday I was able to get out and go for a run. It felt so good to be back out on the trail! I basically started over with my intervals, but I did cut back my walk time and I added two runs, so it was :30/3 x 10. I decided to run out and walk back, which ended up being 4 miles and I was dragging ass that last mile. We are enjoying our typical 80+ degree September weather and I forgot to take water with me, so that didn't help. The Big Red Dog was wiped out, too.

I, however, chose not to roll in the wet sand to cool off.

Thursday evening I did a thing I have been wanting to do again for five years...I took a stand up paddleboarding lesson! It was so much harder than I remembered. Of course, I am much heavier and more out of shape than I was last time (the first time I was in the middle of marathon training). I just wasn't prepared to spend more time in the water than on the board. My 75 year old mom and my 14 year old daughter came with me, and they both rocked it. It really was every bit as magical as I remembered it, and I will definitely be doing it again soon. I just wish I hadn't waited until the end of the season to do it. 

Sunset on the water - I could do this every evening!

I didn't stick to my meal plan very well this week. Most days I just couldn't get motivated to cook. We ate out three nights this week (twice at Chipotle and once at Chili's, where I opted for a double serving of steamed broccoli but also ordered a margarita). Kind of frustrating that I get off my butt and get active, and then my energy takes a tanker for the rest of the day.

No meal plan for next week - I am going to try and make the meals I didn't make this week! I'd like to find 8-10 recipes I can put into rotation to make things easier on me, and I'd also like to start banking some freezer meals. 

Overall, another good week. I got my exercise mojo back, I tried something new and found out I really love it, and I lost 3 pounds! After so many years of feeling stuck, it is so nice to see the scale moving!

How was your week?

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